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Welcome to the Institute of Etiological Research

Our Mission

We are a non-profit public health research organization dedicated to finding those factors that contribute to human illness. We think it is important to define the causes of disease and not just attempt to treat disease once it occurs.


We refer to ourselves as an Etiological Institute because “etiology” refers to disease causation and is an important part of public health efforts. 


All great public health successes begin with research and knowing what causes a particular illness is the best way to practice disease prevention. This requires high quality etiological research and supportive data to create positive change.


That is the mission of our Institute: To contribute to a body of evidence that moves us out of harm’s way and into a brighter future.


We believe that most chronic illness has its origins in environmental and behavioral exposures.


We live in a world of fast food, excessive screen time, household chemical exposure, diminished sleep and less physical activity. If indeed these latest exposures are the etiological cause of our poor health, we will need to provide the best evidence available to change both the public discussion and personal health habits. We must also be able to show lawmakers research data to support regulatory changes.


This entire effort is designed to protect us from harm.


We are funded by individual donors and other non profit foundations. Click on our funding tab to see all donors and organizations. 

"He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything."

- Owen Arthur

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