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The Institute is dedicated to student investigators (generally students of Medicine, Public Health and Epidemiology) whose research would be enhanced from financial support ranging from $1000 to $6000.  The Institute is also able to provide statistical, methodological and manuscript development advice free of charge. 

The Institute is most interested in projects that meet the following criteria:


  1. Projects that are of public health importance

  2. Projects where the outcome measure is an illness

  3. Projects where the exposure measure is a potential risk factor for an illness

  4. Projects that will result in a publication in a peer reviewed journal


The Institute prioritizes grant applications where:


  1. The study subjects are children, adolescents, young adults or pregnant women. 

  2. The exposure variables are life style related including behaviors such as diet, exercise, sleep, smoking, etc.

  3. The exposure variables are chemically related exposures

  4. The outcome variables are chronic non-infectious illnesses


The Institute provides financial support both to student investigators who function independently and have their own source of mentorship, and to students who seek to have mentorship provided by the Institute.  In the latter format, Institute members would then become co-authors, and the student investigator would meet regularly with Institute staff.

We look forward to reviewing your application for funding.

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